Driving Lessons For All
Mandeep Lahori has the skill and expertise to handle diverse issues that emerge when people start learning to drive. Lessons with Elite Driving Solutions are highly student-centric, focusing on the areas which learners are likely to find difficult, especially coping with nervousness.
Each course progresses at an optimised pace, convenient for the learner. The stages are strategically planned so that students are able to work towards improving their confidence gradually, but certainly.
Attention is paid to ensure people stay level-headed amidst traffic, while overtaking, in adverse conditions, at junctions, speed bumps, U-turns, and bends. Helping students calmly control the car and teaching them how to drive responsibly is the principle motive of the establishment. The courses include:

  • Theory Prepping

Theory prepping is done according to the DVSA Driving Test Syllabus. Students are introduced to the Highway Code and other legal obligations, traffic signs, things that could lead to road casualties and how to avoid them, road users’ behavior, hazard perception, skills for safe driving, and more.

  • Refresher Training

Take up a refresher training course if you are an experienced driver but want to prevent your skills from getting rusted. You can improve your existing expertise or learn new driving tactics or even work towards overcoming road fear on motorways, in the dark, or under adverse weather conditions.

  • Pass Plus

Hands-on Pass Plus training to improve your driving skills. This course is directed at new drivers who have recently cleared the driving test but still need to polish their skills for more confidence and experience on road.

  • Intensive Training

For all those who want to acquire driving skills quickly, you can go for the Intensive Training program designed by Elite Driving Solutions. The course is ideal for complete beginners as well as those who need a brush-up. The lessons are compliant with the DVSA Driving Test Syllabus.

  • Defensive Driving

The defensive driving course at Elite Driving Solutions goes beyond the norms of road rules and driving mechanics. This program is targeted at all those who want to take up driving to save lives, cash, and time. It teaches students to perceive dangerous situations, adverse conditions, and most importantly, the mistakes people make on road.

  • Motorway Driving

Develop skills for long-distance travelling with Elite Driving Solutions’ training program for motorway driving. Students are prepared to cope with long stopping distances, different road conditions, and above all, general motorway etiquette.
Complete In-Car Tuition
Take complete in-car driving lessons from Mandeep Lahori at Elite Driving Solutions. The training program is structured to suit all ages and behind-the-wheel needs for learners as well as pros.
Tailored to complement driver needs, these lessons are delivered at an agreed time and location. Door-to-door service can be offered as well. During the training, drivers can gain skills for life and prepare for the ‘show me, tell me’ safety questions that are asked during driving tests.
Elite Driving Solutions delivers driving lessons your way. For further queries, you can contact Mandeep Lahori directly.